What is POPLAC?

Poplac is an insulating, fireproof construction material with high mechanical properties, made from organic materials of natural origin, mainly from the waste of dead aquatic plants that wash up on the shores of beaches (posidonia, sargassum, etc.) in order to promote the circular economy.

Poplac and its manufacturing process are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights.


Mechanical properties
The material has a compressive strength up to 40 MPa and flexural strength up to 10 MPa
Thermal properties
The material has thermal properties up to 0.029 W/mK
Acoustic properties
After an analysis carried out to measure the degree of soundproofing that this material can achieve, it was obtained that in 4 cm thick walls the internal noise was 62-71 Db given an external noise of 114-117 Db within the frequency spectrum between 500-10,000 Hz.
Electromagnetic properties
The material has a dielectric constant of 28,51
Fire resistance
A1.- Non-combustible s1.- Low smoke production d0.- No droplets/particles are produced.
The characterisation of the material has been carried out at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, IMDEA and Microbiotech SL.

Each m2 of 15 mm (density 900) absorbs 4 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere during its lifetime



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